Craniosacral Therapy & Visceral Manipulation in Las Vegas, NV

When Dr. Rolf discovered that our bodies are a series of seamless tissue networks, she developed Rolfing™—an effective, comprehensive method to release, realign and balance this entire system throughout the body. She devoted her life to this study. Today, Rolfing™ soft tissue manipulation and movement education now benefit people across the nation through unique variations of traditional sports medicine. They enjoy revitalized energy and increased overall comfort in their bodies.

Craniosacral Therapy

This light-touch Rolf™ massage therapy is applied to align the structural integrity of the body. When our basic structure is out of alignment, we suffer imbalances in the spine and throughout the body. Your craniosacral therapist will employ certified techniques to assist your body in rebalancing.

Craniosacral therapy in Las Vegas, NV will help restore your body to its natural, freely moving state for optimal functioning.

Visceral Manipulation

With this practice, your experienced Rolfing™ professional uses his or her hands to relieve fascial restrictions in your abdomen and pelvis. This encourages natural, healthy function of your internal organs. It goes beyond the typical surface-level treatment provided by other techniques and incorporates the mobility of your organs in your alignment treatments.

As a more complete approach to treatments like myofascial release, visceral manipulation in Las Vegas, NV offers more effective treatment than other methods.


The body is made up of connective tissues that integrate every system from head to toe. Rolfing™ Structural Integration works on this entire network to resolve discomfort, alleviate pain and reduce compensations. As with myofascial release techniques, the result is a well-balanced body that enjoys more flexibility, energy and comfort.

More than massage and different than chiropractic care, Rolfing™ offers certified techniques and a unique approach to sports medicine to transform your movement.

Reboot Your Body

Rolfing™ wants to help you feel your best. To take advantage of our leading, certified techniques with a Rolf™ massage, contact us today at (702) 683-1500. If you’re in Las Vegas, Paradise, Spring Valley, or Clark County, NV, we look forward to reducing your pain, increasing your flexibility, improving your posture and enhancing your sense of body awareness.

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