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Here at the Rolfing™ studio, we use advanced, proven techniques to help rehabilitate structural and functional connecting tissues in our patients. We have certified Rolfers™ who are the only professionals in America capable of delivering our proprietary techniques! We help our clients with their troubled areas, to heal and get them back to normal.

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Certified Advanced Rolfer™

For many people, mobility problems are an everyday part of life. At Rolfing™, our practitioners care deeply about the mobility issues their patients are experiencing, and won’t stop working until relief is evident. Steven Gorbet, with more than 30 years of experience, we offer the expertise needed to make that happen. Many of our competitors make similar claims, but they lack the true certification for Rolfing™ in Las Vegas, Paradise, Spring Valley, or Clark County, NV that we have. Our Rolfing™ studio has studied and received certification by the Rolf Institute™. Applying these professional techniques through visceral manipulation, craniosacral therapy, and other techniques, Rolfing™ helps each client achieve better balance, freer movement and better overall adjustment for the entire body through Rolfing™ Structural Integration.

As your Certified Advanced Rolfer™ in Las Vegas, NV, Rolfing™ has worked with many celebrities, including athletes, movie stars and rock stars. These big names have come to us because they know we are the premier source for enabling their bodies to regain natural integrities and forms. Since 1975, we’ve been helping enhance postural efficiency and increase freedom of movement. This, in turn, greatly enhances our clients’ lives. We invite you to take advantage of this leading bodywork system! Contact our certified Rolfers™ today to schedule your initial consultation.

  • Rolfing™ may just have the power to change your outlook on life.

    • We are a Certified Advanced Rolfer™, accredited by the Rolf Institute™.
    • Established in 1975, we bring decades of experience to every client.
    • Our methods are used by leaders in their industries, including stars and athletes.
    • We provide effective bodywork techniques to help you feel your best.
    • We specialize in Craniosacral and Visceral Manipulation.

Everyone Can Benefit

Whether you’re suffering from an injury or simply want to enhance your movement and structure, you can benefit from our certified Rolfing™ Structural Integration.

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